Oregon Allows Sealing of Eviction Records

A new Ore­gon law, effec­tive Jan­u­ary 1, 2020, allows a ten­ant in Ore­gon to request that an evic­tion case be set aside and the record sealed.

Why Seal a Record?

The seal­ing of the record and set­ting aside of a judg­ment means that ten­ants would not be required to dis­close a pri­or evic­tion mat­ter to future prospec­tive land­lords.  Future prospec­tive land­lords would also not be able to search for and find those records.

When Can the Record Be Sealed?

If a judg­ment of resti­tu­tion is entered against the per­son apply­ing for the judg­ment to be set aside and record sealed, the appli­cant must have sat­is­fied any mon­ey award in the judg­ment and five years must have passed.

If the case was dis­missed with­out a judg­ment of resti­tu­tion and the ten­ant com­plied with any agree­ments made in that case with the land­lord, there is no wait­ing period.

What is the Filing Fee?

There is no fil­ing fee for a motion to set aside an evic­tion judg­ment and seal the record.

How Can You Get Started?

Our attor­neys at The Bridge Law Firm stand ready to help ten­ants clean their civ­il records of pri­or old or dis­missed evic­tion cas­es.  Con­tact us to begin the process.


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