Why Hire Bridge Law?

How do I trust someone I’ve never met? 

Hir­ing an attor­ney is like going to the doc­tor- most peo­ple don’t do it until its an emer­gency because they don’t think they can afford it. We under­stand, com­plete­ly. Legal issues are con­fus­ing and intim­i­dat­ing because they are unex­pect­ed and with­out clear solutions.

The Bridge Law Firm is dif­fer­ent. We’re not just say­ing that- we’re going out of our way to change how you think about Lawyers (there’s a lot of room to improve there).  We know that accept­ing you need help is tough, but fig­ur­ing out how to choose can be even more con­fus­ing.  We’re not the right fit for every­one, but here’s what we’re proud to say makes us different: 

You’re our client, we’re your lawyers, you will only ever deal with us.

We will nev­er pass you off to a clerk, assis­tant, law stu­dent, junior part­ner, or oth­er per­son. You’ll deal with us through­out the issue at hand. Not many firms can claim that.

We’re Young, We’re Hungry, & We’re Efficient

At Bridge Law, you’re not pay­ing for mahogany desks or bronzed name plaques or any oth­er Attor­ney trope you know of. We run a lean oper­a­tion that keeps over­head to the bare min­i­mum. You’re pay­ing for our time at a high­ly rea­son­able rate that we are thrilled to be trans­par­ent about.  We’re not afraid to use what­ev­er tech­nol­o­gy we can to free up our time to deal one on one with clients and keep things lean­er.  We’ll report that time back to you in a com­plete­ly trans­par­ent way, let you pay online, and we’ll nev­er waste your time.

Experience Where it Counts

We’ve got a com­bined 15 years prac­tic­ing law, and 5 years in the pub­lic defend­ers office- while being recent enough grads to have a real­ly firm grasp on the lat­est changes in the law nation­al­ly, statewide and munic­i­pal­ly.  The law is con­stant­ly chang­ing, and we review court and leg­isla­tive changes as they hap­pen. We even report on them and how they may affect you, and are hap­py to give you these updates for free! Just sign up. 

OK- how much does it cost, how do you work on cas­es, and do you prac­tice the kind of law I need? 

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